Ravens exampleLooking at the matrix to the left, what image completes the pattern? 

This is a matrix reasoning puzzle. These puzzles tap into basic facets of human intelligence: the ability reason abstractly—to see meaning in complexity, complete patterns, and solve novel problems.

Our project is crowdsourcing the design of a set of matrix reasoning puzzles. This is a competition, so winners will receive cash prizes and co-authorship of a scientific paper.

We have finished collecting the puzzles. We have received a total of 661 submissions of which around 341 fulfilled the criteria.

We have started evaluating the difficulty of the puzzles and are currently in the process of redrawing the items to guarantee a consistent art-style, quality and layout. The final step will be validating the difficulty data from the puzzles against existing IQ tests. We will then proceed to write the paper and make the database available to researcher free of charge. Please stay tuned for further updates.